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Copywriter Strategist

Copywriter Strategist

Copywriter Strategist

Copywriter Strategist

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Ad Scripts


Emails are my favorite kind of copy. It’s a 1:1 communication with so much room for empathy for your customers.

  • lifecycle email flows
  • newsletters
  • promotional campaigns

Like emails, you can build a 1:1 connection with your reader through video content. There’s room to build effortless fan-base for your products with videos. Get my help with:

  • YouTube ad scripts
  • landing page VSLs

I don’t know about you, but words on the internet have helped me make money, lose weight, build confidence and better relationships. A good piece of content can make the reader take intangible actions that move them closer to committing to your brand for a lifetime. Ready for some wordplay? Let’s write your:

  • website copy that actually sounds like you
  • Long-form blog content

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About Me About Me

Certified SaaS Conversion Copywriter

Check this, I'm legit!

Forget that tired trade-off between sales and soul.

Hira here, your conversion strategist and copywriter ready to break the "brand voice vs. sales" myth.

You don’t have to sideline your brand voice to make sales. And you won't have to put a stop to your sales campaigns to build a deeper connection with customers.

Because let's be real, wouldn't it be sweet to sell AND swoon your audience at the same time?

That's my jam: copy that nurtures trust while whispering "upgrade my subscription" It's the kind of copy that hooks 'em deep and makes them cling to your brand like a koala to a eucalyptus tree.


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Copyhackers Certified SaaS Conversion Copywriter

Hira's a terrific copywriter with an innate ability to understand what messages connect deeply with the customers she's writing to. She's an expert when it comes to helping her clients get the visibility they need.

Copyhackers Certified SaaS Conversion Copywriter

It’s far too easy as a copywriter to focus on helping everyone else with their marketing, positioning, and visibility while ignoring your own marketing! Luckily, Hira’s helped me stop lurking in the shadows on Instagram and finally show up, share my voice, and engage my community. Hira makes it so easy to create content and show up in my own way, in far less time than it would take me to figure this out on my own. She challenges me when I need it and forces me to step up my game (in a good way!). I highly recommend you work with Hira on your social media visibility if you want to make a big impact.

Copyhackers Certified SaaS Conversion Copywriter

Hira is a fantastic copywriter. In addition to creating great persuasive copy, she dives deep into the nuance of each client and their prospective market's needs. Not all copywriters do this, so if you want someone who goes the extra mile to understand nuance and turn that into copy that sells, hire Hira!

Copyhackers Certified SaaS Conversion Copywriter

My agency’s fast-paced environment requires dynamic writers capable of delivering end-to-end marketing copy at the highest in2dustry standards. Hira is an exceptionally skilled and efficient copywriter, as well as a genuine pleasure to work with. I can always count on her to deliver high-quality work, regardless of task size or deadline.

Copyhackers Certified SaaS Conversion Copywriter

Our small team didn't have time to create social posts and content for our business - but we knew how important it was. After months of trying to piece it together ourselves, we knew we needed help. That's when we found Hira! She was able to take our direction and content and turn it into action-packed, well-designed posts that we no longer needed to schedule or share. Everything was simple - from the kickoff call, to the first month's posts, to the ongoing check-ins. Working with her helped us get ahead of social marketing once and for all!

Copyhackers Certified SaaS Conversion Copywriter

Hira has been absolutely amazing for my business. She’s growing my brand with an amazing strategy and engaging with everyone who I connect with, and even helping me get featured by bigger names in my industry. I also love how she takes care of everything. I don’t even have to have the social media app on my phone because I trust her THAT much just to crush it. It’s incredible to see the results anytime I open my Instagram to see what she’s up to. If you need someone to handle your social media, don’t look any further. Choose Hira.

Copyhackers Certified SaaS Conversion Copywriter

Hira’s got a knack for social media management. She also has an eye for creating great social media graphics and a brain that never runs out of content ideas. If you’re just starting out with your social media presence or are only now amping your social presence, she’s the perfect person to work with.

Copyhackers Certified SaaS Conversion Copywriter

Working with Hira was a great experience. She was always responsive and met her deadlines consistently. She did not compromise on content quality and was always willing to work on challenging topics. With her we have long-term quality resources that can be trusted. Best part of Hira’s content is that she can write completely unique content even if the topics are quite similar. This goes well for copy related to high-end makeup products. There is no overlap at all!

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