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Scroll down to create a strong online presence without overwhelm. Scale your profits by 3X using my Visibility Framework & surefire marketing strategies to power up brand visibility.


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Empowering creative entrepreneurs to build an authentic online presence sans the overwhelm, using my Visibility Framework + surefire marketing strategies that power up brand visibility and scale profits by 3X. ?

Are you running a service-based business with little time for lead generation or social media marketing?

Your calling is to create everlasting wealth, happiness, and abundant time without getting striked down by a amrketing strategy which doesn't work.

Let's talk about this for a while... Your business and marketing strategy is either going to help you scale or drip money down the drain. Maybe that's why you need me.

Hi I'm Hira Usama. A marketing strategist // social media expert //conversion copywriter //visibility coach.

Yep, when you're doing things for over ten years, you accumulate a lot of titles. And I'm not ready to let any of these go.

I help online brands, coaches, and intuitive CEOs build a profitable online presence. 

We do this by evaluating your current marketing funnel, social media strategy, website, and find gaps where money might by leaking. 

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- Let's get unstuck -

  • Your last launch went great, but now you’re overwhelmed
  • You want to to scale your business with the right messaging to attract your ideal prospects
  • You have multiple offers to promote, a team to train, and a community to nurture.
  • Money is coming in but the anxiety is kicking your butt. Things aren’t as sustainable as you’d like them to be.
  • You need a repeatable sales process that keeps bringing the leads even while you sleep
  • You want to streamline multiple offers because you’re a genius who is full of creativity and ambition.
  • You want to EASILY maximize your impact through visibility building strategies.
  • You want to launch new ideas out into the world to serve your audience + build a business you love to the core!
  • Let me help.
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- Offers -

Visibility Coaching Program

The Visibility Coaching Offer is a 3 – 6 month long commitment between you, your goals, and the version of yourself you’d like to become.

Ready to rock n roll?

Building Brand Visibility

We work on building an online presence that opens up new opportunities for you. If you’d like to launch a book, a podcast, or a new offer sometime soon, and want to nurture an audience for that, this is your go-to offer.

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VISIBILITY COACHING PROGRAMA 3-month program for busy, overwhelmed freelancers, entrepreneurs, and coaches who want to shift their mindset and build online visibility with ease and joy using my tried and tested Visibility framework.

Monthly Marketing Cure

Hire me as your “Digital Strategist” to bring clarity to your offers, create marketing strategies that scale profits by 3X, lead teams, set up sustainable online presence for your brand, and bring ideas to life!

Hire me

Let’s set you up for success with my monthly retainer package. I’m the Chief Digital Media Officer You’re Looking For!

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MONTHLY MARKETING CUREA retainer service where I’ve helped brands like you generate $50K+ in profits in three months. Onboard me as a digital marketing strategist to create surefire marketing strategies that generate 3X profits. Let’s set up a sustainable online presence for your brand and bring ideas to life!

Book a VIP Day

Work on whatever moves the needle forward in your business this week. It can be a sales page, your monthly social media marketing plan + copy, newsletter, blog posts, a brainstorming session for your next offer, or edits for your emails.

Borrow my brain for 180 minutes

You’ll get more than what you paid for. No overwhelm guaranteed!

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CONVERSION COPYWRITING SERVICEBring your ideas to life through newsletters, blogs, ad copy, emails, and websites that persuade the prospect to say YES to anything you want.

1 Month to $1K Social Media Management Course

Learn how I grew my business as a social media expert and replicate the process for yourself to build sustainable income.

Exclusive Offer

This offer is exclusive for South Asian business owners who’re creative, ambitious, and want to become more than a freelancer!

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1 MONTH TO $1K SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT COURSELearn exactly how I grew my social media management business in three months from scratch! Get access to resources on client onboarding, management, content creation, website creation, and every tool you need in your arsenal to launch and become a kickass social media expert!

Connection Call

Book a FREE 15 Min Connection Call to discuss a Marketing + Business Strategy. No pitches. Just a heart-to-heart between two creatives!

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How To Start Earning Money Online

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30 Re-Usable Social Media Content Prompts

Fire Up Your Instagram and LinkedIn For The Next 365 Days – No More Brainstorming For Content Ideas

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7 CANVA Templates For Instagram

Customizable Canva Templates That You Can Save & Start Using Right Away

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