Visibility Coaching Program:
Celebritize Yourself with ease

In a world where people give
"shoutouts" to burnout...
Shift your marketing mindset
to do less and achieve more!
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You are one heck of an incredible business owner.

You've created success that is beyond you, as an individual. Even if you don't see it yet, it's there.

I want you to stand up right now, take a deep breath, SMILE, and clap for yourself! 👏👏👏👏 Seriously, do it.

You have gone through feast and famine, trial and error, judgement, and trauma, tears and breakdowns to get to where you are right now.

Business growth doesn’t need to be critical from now on. We're going to move one step ahead from survival and land into empowerment mode. 

You have the strength, capacity, and resilience to create multiple six-figures in your business this year WITHOUT grinding in 40 hours every week.

Not just that. You must learn to forgive, love, and empower yourself in the process. Maybe even write a new story that redefines who you are as a business owner.

- Celebrating Success! -

Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and envision this:

  • You love yourself the way you are right now. Not tied to some future version of yourself. But very much head over heels for who you are right now.
  • Your wildest dreams are taking form because you've become a better version of yourself.
  • Your marketing + business checklist looks clean and minimal with 1-3 tasks you love doing.
  • Your business is running in your zone of genius. You no longer accept projects that overwhelm you.
  • You haven’t burnt out in months. In fact, you empower your own clients to become a better version of themselves.
  • You have absolute clarity over your marketing process. You’re no longer seduced by shiny objects.
  • Your message cuts through the noise and lands directly to prospect.
  • You’re not fussing over what you can’t do - you’re minting money with what you can.
  • Social media is your community. You go there to have meaningful conversations and nothing else.
  • Confidence isn’t a state that comes and goes. You carry it with you effortlessly, everywhere.

- Are you ready to shift your marketing mindset and scale your business? -

The Visibility Coaching Program was first rolled out in 2021, August, when my prospects reported feeling burnt out and frustrated with their marketing strategy.

It was literally born out of demand and supply.

The conversations you’re about to read happened back in March, 2021 with a retainer social media client.

I wouldn’t have done this without you. I swear, I owe my success to you Hira. I was struggling so much with building a presence online, you onboarded me and everything became as smooth as butter...

But I have like three projects I need to launch next year and I feel like I’m at ground zero again.

Sure you can do my website, social media, and content management, but what happens when you’re not around?

This conversation had me spiralling. 

I’d work with my clients for 89347736439 days straight if it was on me… but was I setting them up for success?

There are some things that YOU can do for your business  to 3X the results that nobody else can.

Which is why visibility is different from marketing.

Visibility is a mindset. Visibility comes from inside out. It takes form once you truly know your purpose and vision.

Join Me inside Visibility Coaching Program [12 sessions over a period of 3 - 4 months] to transform your business mindset AND take actionable steps to build visibility online.

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- Are you a good fit? -

This program is for creative, ambitious entrepreneurs who:

  • Want to cultivate ease, love, and freedom in their business.
  • Don’t want to dance on reels to get noticed.
  • Don’t want to post beach-body photos on Instagram 5x times a week because hello -- they run a business that isn’t defined by their appearance on camera...
  • Aren’t always comfortable with showing their face on camera.
  • Are creative and hyper-focused - but don’t know how to market their own business.
  • Are smart business women who realise that people buy from brands who have a face - a human that they can connect with.
  • Are running a service based business where they’d like to build a community with a bigger purpose down the line.
  • Feel stuck because they cannot figure out what to do next [even with ten different business ideas in mind]

Feel free to send me an email and chat about your unique situation and we may be able to come up with a diagnosis!


Diagnosing the problem is very much a part of the program.

Infact, that is how we find a minimum viable marketing solution that fits in your unique business situation.


- Why Choose Me To Support Your Business? -

  1. I help find solutions for your unique business problems. This isn’t a pre-recorded coaching program where I expect you to use advice that fits 80% of my students and make it work for your business.
  2. I coined the term Minimum viable Marketing Solutions and created a process for you to find out your strengths and use them to generate cash.
  3. I believe in harnessing kindness, ease, and pleasure inside business. That includes creating your own biz schedule, taking alternate Fridays off, or changing your offer to make it simplified and workable for you and your clients.

As a self-diagnosed neurodivergent creative professional living in South Asia with limited resources to make a living online, I struggled with everything.

Mindset, scarcity of resources, insufficient network, lack of time, inability to manage productivity, and whatnot.

I launched my business in the seventh month of my pregnancy. I literally built the whole thing with an infant, a toddler, and now a preschooler. I understand your need to create a process that is easier, optimised, and sustainable for your business.