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My Self Love Journey Pt.1

Inside this blog, I share my self love journey. It’s something I’ve never advocated or thought about for myself before.
Probably because I thought I didn’t need self love. I felt I loved myself enough. The reality was that I didn’t. I just didn’t hate myself.
And the absence of hate is not love.

What Is Self Love?

Adopting a new lens
Rewriting my narrative
Reflecting on thoughts
Deep introspection
Guided meditations
Loving my current version instead of waiting for the future version to take form… all the while tuning into my higher self.
That’s what I wanted.
This wasn’t a NY resolution. It just happened.

The Backstory

I’ve worked with 5+ coaches for my business. But this is the very first time I decided to work with a coach FOR me.
So this year, I decided to go with @neetisavla, a dear friend and now my self-love coach, to help me gain clarity over my purpose, vision, mission, and enact tiny shifts that lead to abundance, expansiveness, ease, and prosperity. 💎
Right there, in the very first session, she helped me clear the lens, share my story, and understand how to ask better questions to regain my narrative.
By that, I mean, looking at things from a realistic perspective. Not positive. Not negative. Just opening up to what’s going RIGHT in my life and what needs improvement.
This is week 1 for me. Every time I pray, I imagine myself in my anchoring space. It’s underneath a beautiful starry sky.
Every time I go to sleep, I reflect on the past day and acknowledge myself. Not for being productive or pushing myself. But for being who I am.

Self Love Is Essential

As a businesswoman working from home, I’ve had my own challenges. Like constantly being in work mode. Always thinking of how to scale it to the next level.
And believe me, that gave me incredible growth. Every year I surprise myself with the progress I make.
But now, especially when I’m coaching my own clients, my daughter starts preschool, and beautiful changes along the way, I want to experience this from a place of abundance and expansion.
There’s a time to scale your business and there’s a time to cherish what you’ve created out of thin air. Until and unless you consciously view your progress and compare yourself to your past versions, you’ll see how much you’ve grown.
You do it once every month, and the narrative keeps going in a loop on autopilot for the rest of the time.

My Word For 2022

My word for 2022 is SELF LOVE.
As for you, trust me. You wouldn’t have come this far without being who you are. Be immensely proud of that! You don’t need to embody anyone else. Just get in touch with yourself. You have a world within you.
I wish all your wildest dreams come true.
I am going to keep sharing parts of my journey here and on my Instagram.
Until next time 🙏🏼

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