Rewire Your Mind

Life is tough, and success isn’t milk and honey. You need to work for it, hard. Although, I never really rely on the pish-posh shortcuts that are trending on the internet, the ONE thing that can transform your life kind of stuff…

Because for me, it took at least a hundred different changes in perspective, behaviors, habits and actions that took me where I am today.

I’m here to talk about the first step though, the very first, most important step on your pathway to success.

Now, read carefully.

The first step towards achieving success in any aspect of life; may it be relationships, profession, or a life-long goal, is to forget everything that you have been taught.

Yes. You read it right.

The first step is to start from scratch and rewire your brain.

Thanks to the social evolution and development (read: regression) in terms of the way we see ourselves, socialize and take action under the influence of people around us, our brain has picked up many bad habits.

And the funny thing is, these habits have become such an integral part of our lives that nobody even questions them anymore.

Let’s take a view of these “habits” down below:

Having an External Locus of Control

One huge mistake that unsuccessful people make is placing our happiness on external factors that we can never control. Happiness comes from within. In general, most people are seen expecting a lot from others instead of themselves.

REWIRE: A simple tweak to place value towards the things that are inside our control, like our actions, words, and behaviors. This is not easy. I’m not talking about the laid-back stuff.

I’m talking about doing double the amount of hard work if you’re dealing with a crappy boss. I’m talking about taking a graceful stand for the future of your kids when you’re in a bad marriage.

I’m talking about some kick ass, difficult-to-make decisions, where you know you will have to work hard. But it will all be worthy in the end.

Procrastination (A Guilty Pleasure!)

Procrastination is a luxury. A person who is on a path to success cannot afford the splendor of thinking about the past, or future.

REWIRE: Be proactive. Take action. You already know what you want. We all know what we want. What we don’t know is either how to get it, or just aren’t willing to take that action.

In the former case, learn. Learn to get what you want. Do you want a great job? Learn the skills. Invest your time in it. Meet with people who are in the same field as you are. Take notes from mentors.

Go ahead and take the massive action that has been missing from your life and you won’t even have the time to procrastinate.

Thinking You Are Enough

Now don’t take me wrong, I am not negating the concept of I Am Enough taught by so many mentors. What I actually mean is; you constantly need to improve and update yourself.

This is one of the many reasons a lot of people think they are not qualified for a job, or a relationship, or even to be appreciated in their social circle.

You are not complete. You’re not the whole package, not the best of yourself… yet.

REWIRE: Instead of binge-watching Netflix, indulge yourself in the most popular, life-changing Ted Talks, Webinars and Documentaries out there. You will instantly find yourself motivated.

Let’s talk with an example:

Mindy is a housewife. She is responsible for taking care of her home, kids, and husband. She works hard, day and night to keep everything in place, provides the pick and drop for her kids, hosts great dinners and yet, deep inside she regrets not completing her education and getting a job like most of the women in her circle.

You know what I’d tell Mindy?

I’d tell her that she could go from a-responsible-housewife-and-mother to a-responsible-housewife-and-mother-who-is-acing-her-dream-job.

Well, because life is not over right? Thanks to the digital world, there is no need to go out there and sit in a classroom to get an education.

You know the best pieces of practical advice or education was not what I learned at school. It was in those humble hours at night when everyone was asleep in their comfortable beds, and I used to sit on the bedside with my caffeinated drink and spent an hour or half watching the best Ted Talks, and webinars out there.

Or I used to engulf myself in the latest bestseller that could improve my writing skills.

So Mindy could become anything she wants. All that requires is commitment, passion and a long leap out of her comfort zone.

To wrap it up…

You need to rewire your brain to modify the three things mentioned above. And will get you on track to success. You will learn so many life-changing advice in your journey. But that all will only come if you revamp your thinking process and allow good things to come your way.

My last advice will be to surround yourself with positive, hardworking people who have made their lives from scratch… the people who don’t believe in spending a normal life. But, those who believe in making a destiny!

Hope you liked reading my take on the subject. I would love to hear valuable advice from you guys too!

Happy rewiring 🙂


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