Mindfulness: The Ultimate Tool for Self-Cultivated Spirituality

The process of self-cultivated spirituality has always been a difficult pursuit of wisdom. As a form of higher thinking, spirituality itself is already a challenging task to conquer. More often than not, people seek guidance for their spiritual goals as elders help them achieve their goals. 

But did you know that you can cultivate your own spirituality? Contrary to popular belief, subscribing to an already existent religion or belief system is not necessary in order to achieve spiritual progress. While an existent system can help you discover more about your spiritual self, such is always in the context of its own paradigm. 

 Inversely, exploring, and cultivating spirituality on your own allows you to access it in a unique way. Unbounded and limitless, self-cultivating one’s spirituality unlocks its true nature. Thus, in this article, we’ll be sharing a key element in cultivating one’s spirituality in a unique and powerful way! 

Mindfulness – The Key to Cultivating Spirituality

 Cultivating spirituality is like growing one’s own plants. Starting from seeds, they need proper nourishment, such as water and sunlight, in order to grow. Add to that, they also need a good set of soil in order to create the proper conditions.  

More importantly, a seed will never grow into a big tree overnight. Even with all the best nourishments and conditions possible, it will always take time to grow your seed into a big tree. As such, it requires patience and consistency in order to ensure that growth will happen. 

With that, such imagery tells us a lot about spirituality as well. As something that can never be forced, spirituality requires consistency, proper conditions, and patience in order to be truly cultivated. Without such, it will become a recurring process of going in and out of existence. 

For instance, some of us experience spirituality only in key moments of our lives. Because we are not conditioned or trained towards it, such flashes of brilliance are often fleeting. But by cultivating spirituality as part of one’s being, it becomes embedded within. 

4 Steps to improve your Mindfulness


Being the most basic form of spirituality, meditation bridges the gap between mindfulness and spirituality. As such, while meditation can be a purely rational process, using it in conjunction with spirituality can aid in the process of deepening one’s spiritual powers. 

 In general, meditation does this by sifting through our thoughts. As many ideas can go in and out of our heads, such notions and perspectives can often influence our actions. And if we’re not careful enough, these notions can shape us towards a direction that we don’t want.  

For instance, one’s actions can be moved simply constantly flashing the same advertisements. As a matter of fact, social media websites are gathering information about us in order to shape the kind of advertisements that we see online. By conditioning our minds, we become consumers, and companies generate profit out of it.  

But with the help of mindfulness, we are able to resist and sort through such conditionings. As we make ourselves more aware of our current state of mind, it becomes easier to reject the profane and pursue the sacred. 

Chakra Healing

Meditation alone is not enough. While it may be the beginning of improving one’s mindfulness, using it in conjunction with another technique is the best way to maximize its effect. As such, meditation has been used together with chakra healing.  

With the 7 chakra points in our body, universal energy passes through us. Governing specific parts of our lives, these chakra points allow us to harness universal energy in the most fundamental of ways. 

As such, meditation allows us to unblock these chakra points. In doing so, the whole balance of energy within ourselves restores us to our best possible state. Thus, it creates a necessary condition for us to push ourselves further and digs deeper into our spiritual self.

Healing Crystals

 Amplifying the whole process, healing crystals can become an excellent catalyst for change and progress. As these crystals contain low-frequency vibrations within them, they are practically helping us go further in our journey.  

As such, each healing crystal bears a specific purpose. For instance, the Rose Quartz is known to unblock the heart chakra, together with bringing good energy for love and romance. Similarly, Black Tourmaline is known to remove almost all sorts of negative energy, allowing us to unblock almost any chakra point with ease. 

Thus, by using healing crystals, it becomes easier for us to cultivate our own sense of spirituality. 


Spiritual Awakening

 Perhaps the most important point, mindfulness is the key to spiritual awakening. In general, one cannot cultivate their spirituality unless they experience spiritual awakening itself. As a barrier between gods and mortals, spiritual awakening is the way to push ourselves further.

 In this case, spiritual awakening and mindfulness often come into play as we become more conscious of life’s biggest questions. By inquiring about the nature of existence, death, and meaning, one seeks a different kind of perspective. Not limited to worldly concepts, these ideas open-up new ways for us to move forward.  

Thus, by being more mindful of the deeper nuances in life, we become more cognizant of the different possibilities and angles from which we can look at it. 

By slowly implementing these 4 simple steps towards mindfulness, it becomes a lot easier for us to cultivate our own spirituality. As we create the necessary conditions for spirituality to flourish in us, mindfulness becomes the ultimate tool that will help us go further. 

Thus, by following these steps, you will slowly discover more about yourself and unravel the spiritual ways in you!

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