High Touch Marketing Advice For Service-Based Entrepreneurs

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” – Jeff Bezos

Truth is – all the marketing advice in the world can’t fix the challenges you’re facing with selling your High Ticket Offer because your brand doesn’t speak to your ideal customers.

Since high ticket offers are [kind of] a twenty-first-century idea, its application needs modern solutions.

With the rise in market saturation, the mad competition of coaching programs and masterminds, an inexpert [read: phony] brand image, especially during startup years, will leak profits.

You need to make sure your brand stays true to its promise from the second it appears online —> to communicating its value with prospects —> to selling your premium offer —> to customer experience —> to the post-purchase experience.

You see, branding is never a one-size-fits-all approach. 

If you’re a CMO, marketing consultant, business strategist, or coach, your brand needs to showcase personalization and authenticity.

The Problem

Presenting the same client experience with subpar aesthetics, tone-deaf emails, a generic sales page, and templated social media copy – you’re setting yourself up for a mediocre reputation.

If the idea of setting up an exclusive brand scares you, here’s how I’ll convince you if we were to meet inside a conference or a networking event.

Think: luxury fashion boutiques. 

A single Louis Vuitton bag costs anywhere between $1,100 – $6,000 and while it’s not easy for you to convince consumers to whip out their credit cards for services worth thousands of bucks, that MAY transform their lives; Louis Vuitton bag sales are up 123%, with an average price per bag up to 104% during the pandemic

Hermès bag sales are up 60%, and they are selling for 18% more per bag on average.

While you may think everyone spent the pandemic chilling around in sweatpants, fretting over weight gain and slow business. 

There was an audience that went overboard and indulged in their favorite luxury item during an ongoing apocalypse.



There are three lessons from these stats, read them carefully. These are the key factors to shifting your brand and marketing strategy:

  1. People buy emotions. We all want to be in a good mood when we wake up every day. And an LV bag gives you that sense of confidence, luxury, and poise so craved!
  2. Brands that choose to manage customer perceptions are able to sell high ticket offers with ease. You will learn all about managing customer perceptions inside this post [or use Ctrl + F to skip to the part where I talk about “Managing customer/client perceptions”]
  3. Brands that use psychology, win at sales. It all boils down to human behavior. We either take an action to avoid pain or seek pleasure. 

If your sales strategy is solely based on avoiding pain and you’re not tapping into what exactly brings your clients pleasure, you won’t be able to tap into high ticket sales.

Avoid pain: Release debts, pay loans, pay the bills

Seek pleasure: Build assets, buy a house, travel the world, afford the luxury

Your proposal, sales page, social media, webinars, and frameworks should checkmark all these three aspects in order to make a high ticket sale.

But we’re not here to make a sale.

We’re here to:

  1. Create a repeatable process for ongoing high ticket sales
  2. Build a brand that brings pleasurable profits
  3. Make the whole process easy and fun.


In order to do so, we dissect the problems that online entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants are facing DESPITE crafting an offer that is set out to give results.

Problems Of Hight Touch Entrepreneurs

Here are some of the problems high-touch entrepreneurs are facing that are causing them to hit a plateau in their sales process:

They Can’t Seem To Stand Out From The Crowd

In terms of growth, life coaching is the second-fastest-growing industry in the US (just behind IT), and it’s seeing increased demand in all 50 states. According to the ICF, there were 23,300 coaching practitioners on North America’s books as of 2020.

It makes absolute sense that it IS a challenge to stand apart from the crowd. 

But the thing is, the coaching industry is in demand for a reason: 

People WANT to get coached. 

There are target markets [who might even be your ideal clients] who’re still waiting for someone to understand their life + business struggles. ← you’re cue to get clear on who you’re offering.

The same rules apply to online consultants and entrepreneurs. 

Not Having a Clear Message To Tie Up Your Marketing Offer

People call it niching down but awesome marketers know its specialization.

Having a clear offer that exactly describes

  • WHAT the offer is?

What kind of service will make you ridiculously happy to offer?

  • WHO it is for?

What kind of people make you ridiculously excited to work with? 

  • HOW will it help your ideal clients?

What mode of communication/frameworks/and processes are ridiculously easy for you to implement?

Some people love written communication, others love video and maybe even audio. 

There is a target market that will fit right into your persona of an ideal client – now you need to seek them out using a kickass brand marketing strategy.

REMEMBER, if you skip the part where you actively promote your offers, instead of reactively waiting for your customers to come to you; you might 

marketing 101


People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. The goal is not to do business with everybody that needs what you have. The goal is to do business with people who believe what you believe.


By getting crystal clear on who you are as a business owner, your brand persona, the core of your brand, and core values, you make it easier for yourself and your team members to identify your target audience.

If you’re just starting out it may be difficult to get clarity on who you are or maybe if you do have the clarity,  you are experiencing difficulty in communicating your message. 

That is probably the perfect time to get an expert on board who can ask you the right questions and direct you to a process where you can get clear on your identity. 

Otherwise, you are just losing revenue because you haven’t identified who your target audience IS because you’re not clear of who you are + who you serve, in the first place

Here, you can check out how I communicate my offer; the Monthly Marketing Cure.


Nobody knows me.


Whose fault is that?


It’s kinda your fault.

Why are you so afraid of unleashing your awesomeness in a world where you know that people need your services? 

WHY TF are you so scared of talking about what you do when you know for sure that people require your expertise to grow their business?

This is the reason I love authority-building tools like blogs, podcasts, social media [in love with Instagram!], and speaking on stage because it allows you to connect with a bigger network.

If you don’t have a blog or a podcast of your own it’s completely fine you’re not required to have ine. Instead, you can feature your message on other peoples’ websites, blogs, appear as a guest on podcasts, apply to speaking gigs. You can even contribute a feature in a book.

Here is a recent podcast episode with The Copywriter Club where I talk in detail about building authority on social media.

There are endless opportunities thanks to the internet.

You can literally give presentations in summits from your couch!

There are so many marketing platforms to use to build authority.


Once you are clear about the kind of transformation that you provide to your clients, you need to make sure you deliver on that promise.

While that may mean different things in different capacities for service providers. 

You still need to have a set of tangible deliverables that are made clear at the onset of the project and make sure to accomplish them once the project is successfully complete.


It goes without saying that a high-touch service does not rely on the quality of the service alone. 

The customer journey plays a huge role in the delivery of high-touch service.

Imagine how you feel when you enter a boutique versus when you enter the target store. The reason that people buy from expensive boutiques is not because of the quality of the products, but also because of the experience. 

Are you making your customers feel expensive? Unique? One of a kind? Like they matter more than anybody else?

Map out your customer journey and establish points where you can give them a stellar experience through small actions. Maybe a check-in email mid-month, a customized gift, a free guide to help them overcome a biz-problem.

Final verdict….

Remember, building a brand that you love takes less time than you imagine. You need to focus on the 20% of marketing strategy that impacts 80% results instead of vice versa. 

Be mindful. Be kinder to your business. In turn, you’ll serve your clients well.

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